Discover How To Create A Highly Profitable Brand Of Private Label Products On Amazon.

Step By Step Process That Teaches You How To:

  • Find AMAZING opportunities for new private label products on Amazon.
  • Create products that have a high profit margin and NO COMPETITION.
  • Launch your products in a way that you get SALES FROM DAY 1.
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Learn How To Build A Profitable Private Label Brand On Amazon...Today!

I have developed a system that allows you to quickly create unique private label products that have no direct competition on Amazon. I use this system in my own business and teach it to others. Following this system allows you to create a highly profitable brand of products on Amazon with a raving fan base of loyal customers.

  • Create Products That Are Guaranteed To Sell Well On Amazon

    Step by step process that shows you how to create hot selling products.

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

    Following the step by step system outlined in the Unique Private Label Course will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Proven Process

    I use this exact process to find amazing products for my private label brand. Now you have the chance to learn a system that took me over 4 years to perfect.

  • Mobile Friendly Video Course

    Everything that I teach in this course work from anywhere in the world. As long as you can set up an Amazon sellers account you will benefit from this course.

  • Save Time

    The Unique Private Label Course teaches you step by step how you can go from being a complete beginner to becoming a successful private label brand owner within 3 weeks.

  • James Answers Your Questions

    Most courses outsource customer service. With the Unique Private Label Course you get direct access to James.

Easy to follow lessons

Step By Step Video Course

100% Mobile Friendly

Learn On The Go.

Complete Step By Step Course That Shows You How To Create Products That Sell Amazingly Well On Amazon.

Section 1: How To Find Amazing Product Opportunites

Video 1: Searching For Hot Selling Products.

Video 2: Creating A List Of Hot Selling Products.

Video 3: Narrowing Down Our List Only Keeping The Best Opportunities.

Section 2: Product Improvement

Video 1: Product Improvement Opportunities.

Video 2: Competition Research.

Video 3: Conducting Reviews Research,

Video 4: Unique Product Ideas.

Section 3:Designing Your Product

Video 1: Creating a vision for your product.

Video 2: Designing an image.

Video 3: Getting a product design for $5.

Video 4: Creating an AMAZING, unique product design.

Section 4: Verifying Your Unique Idea

Video 1: Ask 1000's of potential customers what they think of your product with one click.

Video 2: Using facebook to conduct market research.


Section 5: How To Contact Manufacturers And Get The Best Deal Possible

Video 1: Contacting suitable manufacturers to make your product.

Video 2: Responding to manufacturers.

Video 3: Getting the deal done with your manufacturer.

Video 4: Sending all of the relevant information to your manufacturer.


Section 6: Getting Your Product From China To Amazon

Video 1: Shipping options.

Video 2: How to get your products from China to Amazons FBA warehouse without ever seeing them.


Section 7: Create And Optimise Your Amazon Listing

Video 1: Keyword Research.

Video 2: How to Get all profitable keywords for your product.

Video 3: Creating a title that sells.

Video 4: Creating Amazing Bullets.

Video 5: Set up seller account.

Video 6: How to list your products for sale correctly on Amazon.

Video 7: Upload your snappy images.

Video 8: Optimising your listing to show up for your keywords.

Video 9: Create an amazing listing that sells your product.


Section 8: Explosive Amazon Launch Strategy

Video 1: How to get lots of sales from day 1.

Video 2: How to create a facebook brand page.

Video 3: Set up a free email autoresponder.

Video 4: Set up your list.

Video 4: Connecting list with facebook.

Video 5: How to get people to sign up to your list for free.

Video 6: Get more customers.

Video 7: Growing your list on Facebook.

Video 8: How to get Amazon reviews.

Video 9: Key to a massive launch.


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UniquePrivateLabel - Dominate Amazon FBA

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Going from $0 To $160,000

This is a screen shot from inside Amazon seller central. As you can see from the graph above, you can grow your business to 6 figures in a relatively short period of time following the system outline in the Unique Private Label Course.

Worldclass Customer Service

I have taken enough courses in my time to know how frustrating it is when you contact the customer service team about something that you are stuck on and they are unable to give a satisfactory response. That is why I have decided to look after customer service myself. I give you my direct email address so that you can contact me if you have any questions while taking the course.

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UniquePrivateLabel - Dominate Amazon FBA

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